Post-Doctoral Associate

Qualifications Required Qualifications: PhD in Soil Science or Agricultural/Civil/Environmental Engineering or closely related field Experience with drainage and/or soil water modeling Experience with research in soil-plant-water relations Desired Qualifications: Ability to conceptualize, plan and implement all aspects of research according to the scientific method, Willingness to collaborate with others, Ability to work independently and at remote locations, Self-motivated, poised under pressure, and efficiently delivers results on time, Successful record of research publication in peer-reviewed journals, Experience with field research in areas such as crop production, soil fertility, drainage and/or water quality, Experience with computer simulations models such as DRAINMOD and/or HYDRUS, Familiarity with crop simulation models. About the Job Unit Overview:  This position will be based at the SWROC which is located near the town of Lamberton at the geographical center of the 14-county area comprising southwest MN. Southwest Minnesota is an intensive agricultural production area for corn and soybean. The SWROC conducts cropping systems research in the fields of sustainable cropping systems, water and nutrients management in agricultural systems, organic agriculture, and pest management. Contributions to agricultural production are conducted via research, extension, and outreach activities with an emphasis on graduate and undergraduate training.The primary workplace for this position is the SWROC at 23669 130th Street, Lamberton, MN 56152. Position Overview / Responsibilities: The postdoc will address broad research areas including the assessment of crops, cover cropping, and cropping systems management on water quantity and quality and increasing water use efficiency under current and future climate change scenarios. 80% of the successful candidate's time will involve computer simulation modeling to study the effects of crops, cover crops, and cropping systems on drainage, soil water dynamics and the environment. Additional responsibilities include writing reports and manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals. 20% of the successful candidate's time will involve supporting faculty researchers and other Postdocs within the area of soil water dynamics and drainage modeling applications, model output analysis and field research.   About the Department The position is located at the Southwest Research and Outreach Center (SWROC) in Lamberton, MN.  SWROC conducts agricultural and environmental research and provides educational resources for those involved in agriculture. 327278
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
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